Last Sunday, in the CB Insights newsletter, we highlighted an article in a section called CBI7 about a Hamptons “professional pretty girl“.

Our team thought it was an interesting story with colorful characters and good writing.

We got a couple of notes from folks reacting negatively to it as they felt it portrayed women in a poor light and that instead we should find articles about women doing well in VC or any other trade.

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Pre-IPO companies

This term is being used more and more these days and I hate it.


Because most companies using it aren’t really pre-IPO.

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The Tech Goldrush

I was on the subway a couple of days ago and saw this ad for Monroe College.

tech bubble

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Will the Ivy League still be a thing?

college dropoutI was talking to a good friend a couple of days ago who told me he has started donating more money and time to our alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, as he’s heard/read it will improve the chances of his kids getting into the university.  I think the magic # he found per Google was to donate $250k to top tier schools (Ivy League, Stanford, etc) over time but of course, (1) this is via Google and (2) universities don’t publish these types of guidelines so this is all idle speculation.

I’d never thought about this, but of course, his kids are older so perhaps it’s something that will come with time.

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Brown Kids are Weird

That author’s name was misplaced unfortunately, but nevertheless, very true.

Brown kids ae weird

Learning about our audience all the time

startup customerYesterday, we published our newsletter. The research team, as always, killed it with great data-driven content. (side note: join 30,700+ who are getting our newsletter today – subscribe here).

Bugra, a machine learning engineer on the team, wrote about our work around HR news classification using machine learning.

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We Never Launched

startup launchCarlos Taborda has a good post up entitled Launching is a Myth.  As I read it, it dawned on me that we’ve never launched CB Insights.  By that, I mean we’ve never done a press release talking about new features, functionality, a grand new product, etc.

Perhaps we should have but what’s done is done.

Carlos defines the launch well writing about it’s allure.

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Bad Startup Advice: Don’t Hire Interns

internJessica Livingston of Y Combinator recently suggested that hiring interns for your startup is a bad idea. I think she means hiring for a startup going through a 12 week Y Combinator program so if that’s the case, that’s fine since she knows that program very well.

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So, about that bubble

financial engineeringWhen I was at back in the good old days (aka pre dot com crash), companies were going public and quoting all sorts of new-fangled operating and financial metrics to support their valuation. Eyeballs and stickiness and esoteric ratios were the rage.

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In-Person Selling & SaaS

SaaS sellingPosted originally on the CB Insights team blog.

We’ve been big proponents of virtual selling. We’ve done millions in sales without visiting or traveling to clients. Just give us our web conference and the CB Insights product, and we let the magic happen. It even led to us proclaiming it was the ‘end of steak dinners‘ in a recent newsletter.  The idea was that we could virtually sell and in-person contact was less important.

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