Future Madoff

My 5 year old daughter is super into the game Uno. I think the word is addicted. If you’d agree to play 50 games with her, she’d do it in a heartbeat and then want to play 50 more. 

It’s a great game. Strategy, bit of math, competition, etc. 

When playing and she deals, I started to notice she’d try to deal herself certain cards. When my wife inquired one day why she does that, her answer was

Some Draw 4 cards have scratches.

Holy shit I thought.

That never occurred to me. She won’t admit she scratched the cards herself so that part remains a mystery, but nevertheless, I am already worried about what trouble she may get herself into later in life. 

Last blog post (sorta)

I started this blog almost 1 year ago (Feb 19th, 2013). Since then, I’ve blogged every single day. Except yesterday. It’s just after midnight and I’m packing to go on a short vacation with the family and scrambling to get some work done and it occurred to me “Shit – I didn’t do today’s blog post.”

That’s a problem.

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Having a Voice

I was in Newport Beach for the Corporate Venturing Conference earlier this week. About 20-25 of our clients were there so it was great to see them and break bread with them. And a lot of folks who should be our customers were there.

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Consumer v Enterprise and the Serial Entrepreneur

We published a brief on overhyped and over funded startups that didn’t hit expectations earlier today. All of them are consumer focused which makes sense given that is where hype is required.
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Uber business trip

Wrapping up a trip to Newport Beach and used Uber to get around exclusively. No car rental.

I’m convinced that car ownership will be impacted over the long-term assuming Uber is not subsidizing fares.
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Our Newsletter – A Recruitment Channel?

I’ve gotten several resumes in the last few days from people who said they’ve been active readers of the CB Insights newsletter for a while. I love this. While our newsletter’s intent is to help create awareness of our data and product among customers, this has been great to see.

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Content Should Be Free is Nonsense. (Yup, I Disagree with Fred Wilson)

I read an absolutely insanely good investigative piece into the foreign money flowing into Time Warner Center condos by the NY Times. I cannot get my head around how much effort must have been required into researching this piece. And then the writing and editing that followed it.  And then the design and photographs on the page.

It is what the NY Times and a handful of publications do well – probably those that could do this can be counted on one hand.

And this is difficult stuff.  And they deserve to be paid for it.

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Company Soul

I read two things today about entrepreneurial failure.  One was a great long form piece by Alyson Shontell of Business Insider about Fab.com and one was by Tyson Ho about an unnamed diner in Manhattan which was shuttering.

They were both well-written and painted very different pictures of failure. The story of a Fab was one of bad economics, hubris, premature expansion and of investor/founder/employees selling a big vision and chasing the unicorn dream.

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My Daughter’s Future Jobs

My wife and I get into these fairly pointless but fun conversations from time to time about what our daughter will do in the future. I think we expect, perhaps foolishly, to have more control and influence on her life than we will, but there is no manual for kids so we’re winging it just like everyone else.

Our conversation today revolved around jobs that we hope she has when she is in middle school and high school.  We think it’s important she works to learn skills and understand the value of money among other things and having a job will help with that.  Plus, if she wants to buy something for herself beyond necessities, working for it and paying for it is a good thing.

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Shark Tank – Squash You Like a Cockroach

Just watched Shark Tank with the wifey.  I still enjoy this show quite a bit despite it being somewhat predictable.  I’m always amazed at the businesses creative, ingenious people come up with.  Tonight had 3 brothers from Nepal pitching Yak treats for dogs. What you say?

Himalayan Dog Chew was the name of the company.

Yup. Exactly.

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