20 Questions

Last Sunday, it was raining and nasty so we went to the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to Chuck E. Cheese so Z could play games and win tickets to redeem for amazing prizes (sarcasm).  Afterwards, we went to lunch and started playing 20 questions.  20 questions consists of thinking of something and the other person(s) get to ask yes or no questions to narrow it down.

So, you’ll ask “Is it a person?” and if you say yes, they might ask “is the person alive or dead?”

It’s a good game to test logic and is actually pretty entertaining.

I remember when I was at Kozmo, I used to ask this when interviewing people. In retrospect, I’m not sure if it’s a good question as some folks were coached on these types of questions and knew how to answer them and others were totally taken aback and got very flustered.

I remember one candidate who met me in a coffee shop and I asked “I’m thinking of a person. In 20 yes/no questions, can you figure out who it is?”

He got so flustered by the line of questioning and what the question was trying to get at. So his first question was:

“Abraham Lincoln?”

I said no.

“John F. Kennedy?”

At that point, I stopped it and we moved onto something else as I could tell this question wasn’t going well.

So it’s not a type of question I’d ask anymore as I’m not sure it gets at anything all that useful, but as a game with my daughter and wife, it remains very entertaining.

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