American Sniper – It’s Always More Complicated

So I really enjoyed American Sniper. So did my wife.  And Chris Kyle, the protagonist, who the movie is about makes for an amazingly interesting and heroic character.  And so today, I’ve been kind of obsessed trying to read more about this guy. Because, honestly, I was sort of awestruck.

And most of what I read was confirming the mythical nature of this guy.

Then I saw this article entitled “Truth, Justice and curious case of Chris Kyle”.  And it highlights some potential lies and gaps in the narrative around Chris Kyle.

I have no idea what is true or not, but it hit me again how the clean, tight narrative we often hear rarely is. Whether it’s in the story of a war hero or in politics or even in the more mundane aspects of how a startup emerges over time, the narrative is often sanitized and made to fit into an archetype that makes it friendly to the likes of the media or others such as customers, new hires, etc.

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