Learn the Art of the Hustle (or Don’t Be a Lazy Complaining Bitch)

I recently read Ruben Harris’ great post about how he broke into tech and startups.  Honestly, a part of me cringes at the amount of effort he put in because it seems stupid hard, but a much larger part of me admires his motivation to get shit done.  This was pure 100% hustle and effort and sticking to a goal.

And then tonight, I was at a General Catalyst sponsored dinner and Peter Boyce II of GC was there and I learned a ton from him about the hustle.

Both Ruben’s post and my conversation with Peter both highlighted that people who want something (really want it) figure out what success looks like to them and put a plan together to get there.  A lot of people want something but don’t put together a plan or any effort to get there. And then they complain about all the obstacles and impediments they had and how X and Y and this person or that person messed them up. That’s easy to do. I’ve done it at times.  But it’s a loser’s mentality.

I think Ruben and Peter are a model for the way you take control and make shit happen. The hustle is hard. But it’s entirely in one’s control and a function of your mindset to be successful.

A good reminder to see some smart, young (yeah I’m not that so much anymore) and driven folks do it like it should be done.

2 Thoughts on “Learn the Art of the Hustle (or Don’t Be a Lazy Complaining Bitch)

  1. So true. Easy to fall in the trap of blaming and absolving yourself of responsibility when the going gets tough.

    BTW, you may have heard/read this one but it’s another great example of hustle: Tristan Walker’s story of getting a job at Foursquare – http://www.cornonthejob.com/career-advice/job-search/how-tristan-walker-got-a-job-at-foursquare-and-what-you-can-learn-from-his-story/

    • Anand Sanwal on January 17, 2015 at 1:49 pm said:

      Hey John – hadn’t read the Tristan Walker post before. But that is awesome.

      The absolving one-self of responsibility is def way too easy. Excuses are for losers I guess.

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