Bad Boys

I just watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on the Detroit Pistons. It’s worth watching.

This was a team that wasn’t expected to win versus some powerhouse Celtics, Lakers and Bulls teams. They used a mix of physicality and psychology to change the game and win.

It was a great story of a group of talented but somewhat ragtag teammates who realized that they’re going to have to do things differently if they want to succeed. The one thing they had was they wanted to win insanely badly.

I remember watching them when I was younger and hating them mainly because I was a big Michael Jordan fan (as was everyone), and I thought they were classless. But in watching the hustle and don’t give a f^ck attitude of the team and their willingness to do whatever and change the game, I loved how an unexpected group of teammates took some of the best teams to the limit.

Their ability to get in the heads of their opponents was remarkable. One particular comment was how they’d see their opponents talking about “how Detroit wasn’t going to intimidate them” and as soon as they heard that, they knew they had won because their opponent wasn’t thinking about their gameplan. They were thinking about the wrong stuff – the psychology, the head games, etc.

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