I’m Not a Barbie Girl

Barbie is an idiot
One of the things I try to be very conscious of with my daughter is ensuring I don’t do or say things that feed into preset notions of what girls should or should not do.

No comments like run like a girl or pushing for her to play with princesses or dress up like one for Halloween.

In many instances, I actively try to dissuade her from doing girlie things. Btw, that’s not probably good either.

But in any case, my hope is that I will never be a voice of restraint or constraint on what she can do or thinks she can do. But, of course, big corporations that sell isht to little girls still reinforce these antiquated ideas.

Case in point is this new book about Barbie programming. In it, Barbie requires boys to actually do the programming cuz she is a clueless girl (of course).  Nice job Mattel.


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