If you build it, they will not come

I think a lot of folks will start podcasts in 2015.  Just like most blogs (this one perhaps included), they will suck.

Here is a chart of this blogs visitor stats from when it was started in March on a monthly basis.  I’ve done a post every day since then.  See how amazing the growth curve is?

Yup, it sucks.

anand sanwal blog

For those of you thinking of doing a blog for all the traffic and exposure, it will bring you, it’s a long hard grind and the cold hard reality is that it won’t happen.  And if building your personal brand is important to you (and assuming you’re not already famous), it is likely not to happen.

For me, this blog is where I am hashing out my thoughts and ideas and where I spend some time experimenting. A lot of this ends up in the CB Insights newsletter which is the platform that has some power.  But looking at my stats today reminded me how hard it is to build something people might actually care to read or look at even semi-regularly.


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