Canada Goose

I’ve been seeing Canada Goose jackets everywhere in NYC. And so tonight, I did what comes naturally to me — I looked in the CB Insights database to see if it was in there, and there it was. Canada Goose had been acquired by Bain Capital in 2013. ¬†(Yes – I’m a bit strange).

And then I read more about the company online and found the company was founded in 1957. This was not an overnight success by any stretch. But they built a great product and got adoption among National Geographic and Discovery crews in cold weather climates and among Hollywood types¬†doing work in cold weather. And so the company’s brand and product became more popular over time.

I love reading stories of companies like this. We fetishize the quick exit and the overnight winner so much now so it’s good to see that it only took these guys 56 years to become the next big thing.


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