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Last blog post (sorta)

I started this blog almost 1 year ago (Feb 19th, 2013). Since then, I’ve blogged every single day. Except yesterday. It’s just after midnight and I’m packing to go on a short vacation with the family and scrambling to get some work done and it occurred to me “Shit – I didn’t do today’s blog post.”

That’s a problem.

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My Daughter’s Future Jobs

My wife and I get into these fairly pointless but fun conversations from time to time about what our daughter will do in the future. I think we expect, perhaps foolishly, to have more control and influence on her life than we will, but there is no manual for kids so we’re winging it just like everyone else.

Our conversation today revolved around jobs that we hope she has when she is in middle school and high school.  We think it’s important she works to learn skills and understand the value of money among other things and having a job will help with that.  Plus, if she wants to buy something for herself beyond necessities, working for it and paying for it is a good thing.

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I felt myself getting sick yesterday and went to bed with and woke up with a fever. Yay for the weekend.

To prevent the normal family domino effect, I went to CityMD to see if I had the flu and get some drugs, if needed, to feel better.

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Signaling Success: Time To Get a Ferrari

Neil Patel is a content marketer who I’ve learned a lot from. He writes killer long-form content about marketing that is insanely crazy valuable. So when he publishes something, I read it. He wrote a post about how a picture in a Ferrari made him $1 million. It’s a click-bait’y as hell headline and I obliged and clicked away.

You should read it as Neil is a great storyteller, but the premise in short is that nice watches, nice houses, nice cars, etc make you look successful and as a result, they open up doors for you with other people who are successful. Those doors can generate business.

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20 Questions

Last Sunday, it was raining and nasty so we went to the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to Chuck E. Cheese so Z could play games and win tickets to redeem for amazing prizes (sarcasm).  Afterwards, we went to lunch and started playing 20 questions.  20 questions consists of thinking of something and the other person(s) get to ask yes or no questions to narrow it down.

So, you’ll ask “Is it a person?” and if you say yes, they might ask “is the person alive or dead?”

It’s a good game to test logic and is actually pretty entertaining.

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Learning in Dog Years

Matt Wong who is a member of our research team was on Ali Velshi’s financial news show on Al Jazeera TV last Friday. I don’t think Matt expected to be on TV 1.5 years after graduating. I can’t say I would have expected it either, but when they called, I was busy with client meetings, and it felt like Matt was ready.  And so I asked him if he’d like to do it, and after some thought, he said he was.

I’d recommend you watch him as he does a great job. Here’s the link.  They chunk it up minute by minute for some reason so start watching at 2:48.

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Yup – this blog still sucks

Today, I approved and responded to 3 comments on blog posts I’d written. These were left by 3 smart folks – Bobby Mulley, John Gannon and Juhi Heda.  I was pretty siked that there is now proof that 3 people have read my blog. Earlier this week, a candidate who came in for a job said he liked my blog too. He could have been blowing smoke up my ass but he did his homework so props for that.

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Learn the Art of the Hustle (or Don’t Be a Lazy Complaining Bitch)

I recently read Ruben Harris’ great post about how he broke into tech and startups.  Honestly, a part of me cringes at the amount of effort he put in because it seems stupid hard, but a much larger part of me admires his motivation to get shit done.  This was pure 100% hustle and effort and sticking to a goal.

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Growth vs Fixed Mindset

If you ever want a parent to open an article, title it “How to make your kids ________” or “The Secret to Raising _____ Kids”. The blank might be filled in by expected words like smart, nice, ambitious, etc.

And so as it goes. I read one such article entitled The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.

It talks about the growth vs fixed mindset. Fixed mindset folks think ability and achievement are a function of intelligence. Growth mindset think it’s a function of effort.

The results when studied on children show fixed mindset kids get frustrated, try less when hit with challenges and generally view obstacles as an indictment of their intelligence. Growth mindset kids understand that effort can solve problems.

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You can’t afford it

The fams went to go look at apartments yesterday in Jersey City. Yes – we’re contemplating leaving the city (with mixed emotions of course as it’s been 15 years).  We saw a somewhat nice place yesterday near Grove Street Path station which was one of the better places we’ve seen. Far from perfect and pretty drastically overpriced versus the market but nice given the general lack of supply in JC.

Within a few seconds, I could tell the broker sized us up and had determined we couldn’t afford the place. And then throughout the showing, he mentioned the price every 3rd sentence. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume he didn’t have a good understanding for how expensive Manhattan is compared to Jersey City.

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