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Kiss on the Lips

Yesterday, my wife picked up my daughter from school and part of her update about her day included the following:

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I don’t want to buy a home ever again

My wife and I bought our apt in NYC 7 years ago. Although I know I won’t be able to do it, I’d love to never buy another one. And just rent for the rest of my life.  But home ownership has become such a romanticized act and become weaved into our views of adulthood that it is a bit inescapable.

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How Not to Convince People

We spend a lot of time in our lives trying to convince people of stuff.  Whether it is a potential customer for a sale, or an employer for a job or a teammate, your wife or your child, we’re convincing people all the time.

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M&T 35th

I’m headed to Philadelphia this evening for the 35th anniversary of Penn’s Management & Technology program of which I’m an alum.
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One of the Best Emails I’ve Gotten in a Long Time

In our first summer ever as a company when we were the poorly named ChubbyBrain, we had a marketing intern who was working remotely. We didn’t know what we were doing to be honest and she was doing marketing research.  I didn’t know what to expect of a marketing intern in undergrad and I was not shy about giving feedback.  I had high expectations (still do) for anyone I want to work with.

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The New Credential – Raising Venture Capital

“When I was at Harvard…”

“While working at McKinsey..”

“After Goldman…”

If you live in NYC, you’ve probably met folks who work this into the first 5 minutes of their conversation with you. It is credentialing at its finest.

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A Novel Use for LinkedIn InMail

Came across this gem on Hacker News.  Emphasis in red bold is mine.

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Good post in the Farnam Street blog about roughhousing.  Favorite line:

What was once a motto of Safety First has evolved into a fretful new motto of Safety Only. Many parents are more frightened by skinned knees and bruised feelings than life’s real dangers: stifled creativity and listless apathy.


Our Common Enemy

This morning on the subway, a wasp got into my subway car at Chambers Street. Everyone was shifting around trying to avoid it. It was awkward to try and move around on a crowded subway car, but as we were all in the same boat, people were smiling and laughing about the situation.  Of course, some folks really freaked out but that’s NYC for you.

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I attended my first ever Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting last night now that my daughter is going to public school. Yet another sign that I’m not young anymore.

A PTA meeting is something that I know my parents never attended. As immigrants to the USA, the idea of the PTA was, I’d imagine, a bit foreign to them.  I doubt they even knew about the PTA and what it’s role was. And if they did, there were cultural differences that likely inhibited their participation.  If all the parents are talking about weekend barbecues or going to the shore, these were things my parents didn’t know about or that my family did.  Subtle reminders of being different are not always fun.

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