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Vacations and My Co-founder Wife

startup familyI’m just wrapping up a short vacation with the family in Vermont.  I think it’s the 2nd we’ve taken in the 4+ years since CB Insights launched.  One of the things that often goes unsaid or perhaps underappreciated when doing a startup is that it has a direct impact on your family.

The impacts were largest when things just started.

Some observations from the early days.

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One month into blogging

A Blog post about bloggingYes, this blog post will be about blogging. How meta.

I started blogging 30 or so days ago.  I’ve tried to post 1 thing per day.  Here are my early observations:

Forcing consistency has been good. Making myself to post every day has been a good way to ensure this thing has a fighting chance of surviving.  I have cheated on occasion by scheduling several posts written in one shot.  Weekends are when that happens especially when my daughter is taking a nap.

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Networking Rule #1 – “I think you guys should meet” – Wrong.

networking rulesHey Anand,

Wanted to introduce you to Jack (cc’d) who runs that is a totally awesome startup that is doing really interesting things in ______ space.

Think you guys are doing similar things, tackling similar problems, etc so think you guy should meet for coffee or chat via phone.

I’ll leave you to both connect.

Hope all is well.



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TMZ – Here We Come

We’ve been a pretty behind-the-scenes type of company and gang at CB Insights. Do  good work, build good isht and take care of customers and stuff seems to work out.  But it was nice to get a call from a Crains’ reporter, Judy Messina, recently about doing an article about CB Insights.  Judy has been using our data for stories for a while and one day she asked “Things seem to be going well for you guys, right?” and thus began our dialogue.

The article is here and in my insanely biased opinion, it’s pretty awesome from the headline on down.  But the headline is too good not to repeat.

CB Insights grows the old-fashioned way: No bravado, no venture capital money, no ball pits; It’s all business at the data firm.

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