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My Daughter’s Future Jobs

My wife and I get into these fairly pointless but fun conversations from time to time about what our daughter will do in the future. I think we expect, perhaps foolishly, to have more control and influence on her life than we will, but there is no manual for kids so we’re winging it just like everyone else.

Our conversation today revolved around jobs that we hope she has when she is in middle school and high school.  We think it’s important she works to learn skills and understand the value of money among other things and having a job will help with that.  Plus, if she wants to buy something for herself beyond necessities, working for it and paying for it is a good thing.

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20 Questions

Last Sunday, it was raining and nasty so we went to the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to Chuck E. Cheese so Z could play games and win tickets to redeem for amazing prizes (sarcasm).  Afterwards, we went to lunch and started playing 20 questions.  20 questions consists of thinking of something and the other person(s) get to ask yes or no questions to narrow it down.

So, you’ll ask “Is it a person?” and if you say yes, they might ask “is the person alive or dead?”

It’s a good game to test logic and is actually pretty entertaining.

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You can’t afford it

The fams went to go look at apartments yesterday in Jersey City. Yes – we’re contemplating leaving the city (with mixed emotions of course as it’s been 15 years).  We saw a somewhat nice place yesterday near Grove Street Path station which was one of the better places we’ve seen. Far from perfect and pretty drastically overpriced versus the market but nice given the general lack of supply in JC.

Within a few seconds, I could tell the broker sized us up and had determined we couldn’t afford the place. And then throughout the showing, he mentioned the price every 3rd sentence. I will give him the benefit of the doubt and just assume he didn’t have a good understanding for how expensive Manhattan is compared to Jersey City.

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Dear Santa (from a Future Politician or Salesperson)

As many Indian-Americans do, we’re celebrating Christmas today just like our ancestors did. (Oh wait)

Seriously though, I love Christmas. It’s a fun holiday filled with ugly sweaters, great music and overeating.  And having a kid who is excited about Santa is cool as my parents never really did the whole Santa thing. Immigrant parents have more important things to worry about as you might imagine.

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Dancing Like a Freak

We’re going to be late to my daughter’s school this morning because we spent some time dancing to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. There are a few songs that bring me back to another time (often college) and make me bob my head or dance.  I’m not sure of all others, but here are a few:

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Train show at Bronx Botanical Garden

Yesterday, we went to the annual train show at the Bronx Botanical Garden. I’d never been before to the Bronx Botanical Garden or the annual train show which features trains (surprise) as well as some replicas of famous NYC buildings. What makes the replicas so amazing is that they’re created using tree parts (branches, bark, twigs, acorns, etc).  So imagine a massive model of Penn Station cobbled together from those materials.

Pretty cool stuff.

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Nail Biting – Wife Goes Medieval with Mavala

Mavala nastyMy daughter sucks her thumb and generally seems to have her fingers in her mouth all the time especially when she is asleep. It’s not cool.

I’ve also bitten my nails for a long time. I don’t know if it’s due to nervousness or just occurs when the internet is not near, but it’s something I need to stop doing.

As my wife is inclined to do when a problem arises, she looked for a solution on Amazon.  And came across this thing called Mavala.

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The NY Hall of Science

normal distribution hall of science

On Friday, we, the family, went to the NY Hall of Science in Queens. It’s a great spot (akin to Liberty Science Center near Jersey City). While some of the activities are better for older kids, there was plenty to do for a 5 year old.

Tons of great interactive exhibits, an awesome 3D movie on the Galapagos Islands and great work areas where we built a building with lights (which my daughter had to light up using a battery).

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Kiss on the Lips

Yesterday, my wife picked up my daughter from school and part of her update about her day included the following:

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I’m Not a Barbie Girl

Barbie is an idiot
One of the things I try to be very conscious of with my daughter is ensuring I don’t do or say things that feed into preset notions of what girls should or should not do.

No comments like run like a girl or pushing for her to play with princesses or dress up like one for Halloween.

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