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Halloween Debate – You’re Not a Princess

Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It still is, but it’s become more stressful since becoming the dad of a little girl and choosing a costume for her. My daughter’s choice for a costume changes daily from ninja turtle to princess to spiderman to batgirl.

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Good post in the Farnam Street blog about roughhousing.  Favorite line:

What was once a motto of Safety First has evolved into a fretful new motto of Safety Only. Many parents are more frightened by skinned knees and bruised feelings than life’s real dangers: stifled creativity and listless apathy.



I attended my first ever Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting last night now that my daughter is going to public school. Yet another sign that I’m not young anymore.

A PTA meeting is something that I know my parents never attended. As immigrants to the USA, the idea of the PTA was, I’d imagine, a bit foreign to them.  I doubt they even knew about the PTA and what it’s role was. And if they did, there were cultural differences that likely inhibited their participation.  If all the parents are talking about weekend barbecues or going to the shore, these were things my parents didn’t know about or that my family did.  Subtle reminders of being different are not always fun.

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We are fucked

A mom in Texas let her kid play outside by himself and child protective services was called. I heard about this on the Today Show while I was in Montreal.

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Damn, I’m Soft

I dropped my daughter off to kindergarten yesterday for her first full day. I dropped her off at the gate and she lined up with her classmates and then walked in with her teachers while I watched for a second. She looked back once at me because it was a bit foreign as I’ve dropped her off to her classroom for the last few years.

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That grandma was definitely a pedophile

pedophile grandmaA couple of days ago, my daughter was out riding her scooter while we were on our way back from visiting friends.

And this old lady started taking pics of her from afar. She then got up and came closer to take a picture when my daughter had stopped riding for a second.

When she did this, both my wife and I looked at each other and then simultaneously asked the woman not to take pictures.

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“Said the fish in the pot”

said the fish in the potI’ve always wanted my daughter to be a bit of a joker. I’m not sure why.

I figured she’d learn weirdness and being a joker through osmosis as she has the distinct and unique pleasure of watching my patent-pending dance moves or hearing my weird voices or listening to strange songs I make up (often while beat-boxing).

It appears to be working.

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Lucky kid

There is a quip that kids and grandparents get along so well because they have a common enemy – the kids’ mom and dad.

Being in India and seeing my daughter interact with her grandparents and even her great grandmother, I was reminded of this. She’s too young to realize that the opportunity to interact and know all 4 of her grandparents is something that makes her very fortunate. I only knew 2 of mine as 2 had passed before I was born.

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Off to the motherland

I’m leaving for India today for a very quick 5 day trip to see some family. I’m looking forward to seeing my in-laws (and I’m not even joking) and eating lots of good food.

Also excited to see my daughter getting spoiled by her grandparents. And my wife getting annoyed by that 🙂
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Throw like a girl

Having a little girl (and future venture capitalist) has made me particularly aware of how I interact with her and attuned to little implicit assumptions we all make about a child based on their gender. But I want her to do whatever she wants and not put limitations on her because of any preconceived notions of what or how girls should act and so I try to be careful about this.

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