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Will the Ivy League still be a thing?

college dropoutI was talking to a good friend a couple of days ago who told me he has started donating more money and time to our alma mater, the University of Pennsylvania, as he’s heard/read it will improve the chances of his kids getting into the university.  I think the magic # he found per Google was to donate $250k to top tier schools (Ivy League, Stanford, etc) over time but of course, (1) this is via Google and (2) universities don’t publish these types of guidelines so this is all idle speculation.

I’d never thought about this, but of course, his kids are older so perhaps it’s something that will come with time.

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Boy in a Microwave

kid in microwave

My wife is working with my daughter to teach her how to read. Part of the effort is also focused on reading comprehension.

To this end, my wife showed her a picture from a book and asked “Why is the girl in this picture mad?”

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Elevator Pitch

elevator kids

Yesterday, my 4 year old asked me if she could ride the elevator in our building by herself. And I said ok.

She got in and pressed 3 and the doors shut.

I came via another elevator as soon as it got to the lobby.

It was a strange experience. It was a highly controlled and safe environment and she was only going to the 3rd floor, but I was oddly nervous. The elevator went too slow after I got in and started goto 3.

When I got to 3, she wasn’t there in front of the elevator as I expected she would be. My first reaction was “uh oh”.  My 2nd reaction was “Sri (my wife) is gonna kill me.”

Instead, she’d walked over to our apartment and was waiting in front of the door.  Smiling huge at what she’d just accomplished.

I was very proud of her even though this was really no big deal in the grand scheme of things. But it was another little sign that she’s becoming that much more independent.

Of course, at bedtime tonight, the entire discussion by her was about riding all sorts of elevators at home, school and in other buildings by herself. I’ve created a monster 🙂

That Class is Mostly Full of Boys

girls don't do sportsWe visited a pre-school for my daughter recently. In NYC, this is one of those idiotic things you do – you overanalyze where your 4 year old goes to school.

But I digress. We were meeting with an animated school administrator for some private school and she was telling us about all these extra classes they offer to students. There was chess and hip-hop and ballet and sports.

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You used the potty. Let’s throw a party.

coddling kidsI was chatting with a friend yesterday and he was telling me about his daughter’s kindergarten graduation. He asked me if we had that when we were little.

I don’t think we did.
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Laziness is Genetic

genetic lazinessMy default state is lazy. Perhaps the only thing that I am more than lazy is insecure. (This is what keeps me driving I suppose)

I was hoping my laziness might sidestep my daughter but no such luck it seems.

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More Nerds Please

celebrate nerdsI watched the Scripps National Bee last week.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say I watched because I wanted to see if an Indian kid won again.  And one did.  Actually two Indian kids won (co-champs).  My people are like the f’n NY Yankees of spelling random words with German Latin origins. Is that a weird humblebrag?

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“She yours?”

somebody watching meWhen I walk with my daughter in our neighborhood, I let her walk by herself. She often runs ahead of me a couple hundred feet.

And when this happens, I see people who don’t necessarily see me wondering if this kid is by herself? Does she know to stop at the intersection?
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So, where are you really from?

all american boyA few weeks ago, I was meeting with someone and they asked where my accent was from?  I told them “New Jersey”.  Hee hee.

And then after last night’s Scripps Spelling Bee which saw two Indian kids win, there were some “awesome” tweets. Some gems pulled from this article are below. (note: I thought some of tweets Jezebel pulled were rather innocuous/innocent).

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A Watsi Mother’s Day

WatsiI got alerted to the ability that you could donate to Watsi in honor of your mom for Mother’s Day by a tweet by Alex and loved the idea as simply put, I love Watsi.

So my 4 year old daughter and I sat down for 30 minutes and browsed through the patient stories, and I let her pick who we should help.

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