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Women in Tech – The Message Inaction Sends

women in tech inactionAmen Leena Rao.

Leena penned a great letter to RadiumOne’s board about the company’s CEO Gurbaksh Chahal and the need for the Board to remove Chahal.  For those unfamiliar, Chahal plead guilty to misdemeanors related to hitting his girlfriend 117 times.

A lot of her understandable outrage came as the result of being the mother of a young girl and the message this type of inaction sends to women in a general sense and what it means for the culture being built in tech more generally.

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Good Intentions – Bad Results

Ritz Carlton screws upWe went to an Easter Egg hunt on Sunday.  It was at the plaza outside the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park in NYC. I didn’t even know there was a Ritz Carlton downtown so this was proving to be an effective marketing campaign for them in some sense in terms of raising awareness.

The problem was that despite the best of intentions, the Ritz Carlton screwed up the execution.  And instead of creating goodwill with attendees, they ended up hurting themselves.

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Role Models

dean kamen segwayOne of the best things I saw at the NYC First Robotics event last weekend was a long line of high school students waiting to get the autograph of Dean Kamen. Kamen, for those unfamiliar, is most famous as the inventor of the Segway.  He has also invented a variety of things focused on everything from water purification to solar power.  Check out his Wikipedia page for some the crazy isht he has invented or is working on.  It’s quite remarkable.

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I Need to Learn to Code (At Least a Bit)

teach daughter to codeI just read this great 74 step recounting of a father teaching his 7 year old daughter to code (good HN thread on the post here).  While I have no illusions of becoming a developer, I would really like to learn enough to get my daughter started.  Efficiency of effort is key given my goal is to get smart enough to get her started and provide her enough exposure to see if it’s something ultimately interesting to her.

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Girls in Tech

girls in techI attended the NYC FIRST Robotics Competition at the Javits Center yesterday with my daughter and wife after reading about it on Fred Wilson’s blog (not this AVC).

It was great.  If you can attend next year, I’d recommend it.  The competition is fun to watch and when you figure in the fact that a bunch of smart high school students created the robots, it is all the more impressive.

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Vacations and My Co-founder Wife

startup familyI’m just wrapping up a short vacation with the family in Vermont.  I think it’s the 2nd we’ve taken in the 4+ years since CB Insights launched.  One of the things that often goes unsaid or perhaps underappreciated when doing a startup is that it has a direct impact on your family.

The impacts were largest when things just started.

Some observations from the early days.

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“My granddaughter in the US is the only one who calls me daily” or why I love technology

i love technologyEvery day, my daughter grabs my iPad, enters my password, opens up Facetime and calls her grandmothers who are in India.

And today, her grandmother said

“Of all my grandkids and even my kids, Z who is in the US is the only one who calls me daily.”

This delights me.  It’s the most fantastic part of where technology has come IMO.  When done right, it connects us to one another.

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The Internet Was Made for Watsi. Now, Where Else Can the Watsi Model Be Applied?

watsi is awesomeMy favorite startup idea of probably all time is Watsi.  Here’s what they do:

Watsi is a global crowdfunding platform for healthcare that enables anyone to donate as little as $5 to directly fund life-changing medical care for people in need. 

It allows you to crowdfund the healthcare needs of people who need life-saving treatments but who cannot afford them.  Folks like Joseph who needs treatment to remove a superficial mass from his back.

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Girls Don’t Eat Meat – A Lesson in Pattern Matching

venture capital pattern matchingAll of the women in our family are vegetarian. Some of them have been forever and some just became vegetarians over time.

On the other hand, the guys are not.

So recently, when out at a restaurant with my 4-year old daughter and her friends (who are girls), she reprimanded one of them who she saw eating chicken saying the following:

Girls don’t eat meat.  Don’t you know? Only boys eat meat.

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Kids, Entrepreneurship and Weed

kid entrepreneurSaw this story about a Girl Scout who set up outside of a pot dispensary and sold out of cookies quickly.

I love hearing stories of kids doing things that are entrepreneurial and this story, in particular, on multiple levels.

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