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Last blog post (sorta)

I started this blog almost 1 year ago (Feb 19th, 2013). Since then, I’ve blogged every single day. Except yesterday. It’s just after midnight and I’m packing to go on a short vacation with the family and scrambling to get some work done and it occurred to me “Shit – I didn’t do today’s blog post.”

That’s a problem.

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Kinder, Gentler Super Bowl Ads

In this year’s Super Bowl commercials, I noticed less of the guy humor that felt more prevalent in year’s past. I don’t dislike that humor so this is not a value judgment and just an observation. Even Go Daddy didn’t do it (I think it was a mistake as their ad sucked and was crazy boring).

But there was a lot of cuteness and a touch of sadness or the positive upliftting message in this year’s ads. Budweiser went with the cute puppy and then a bunch of others went emotional including Coca Cola, McDonalds, Toyota, Microsoft and Dove to name a few.

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Signaling Success: Time To Get a Ferrari

Neil Patel is a content marketer who I’ve learned a lot from. He writes killer long-form content about marketing that is insanely crazy valuable. So when he publishes something, I read it. He wrote a post about how a picture in a Ferrari made him $1 million. It’s a click-bait’y as hell headline and I obliged and clicked away.

You should read it as Neil is a great storyteller, but the premise in short is that nice watches, nice houses, nice cars, etc make you look successful and as a result, they open up doors for you with other people who are successful. Those doors can generate business.

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American Sniper – It’s Always More Complicated

So I really enjoyed American Sniper. So did my wife.  And Chris Kyle, the protagonist, who the movie is about makes for an amazingly interesting and heroic character.  And so today, I’ve been kind of obsessed trying to read more about this guy. Because, honestly, I was sort of awestruck.

And most of what I read was confirming the mythical nature of this guy.

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Bad Boys

I just watched the ESPN 30 for 30 on the Detroit Pistons. It’s worth watching.

This was a team that wasn’t expected to win versus some powerhouse Celtics, Lakers and Bulls teams. They used a mix of physicality and psychology to change the game and win.

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