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Last blog post (sorta)

I started this blog almost 1 year ago (Feb 19th, 2013). Since then, I’ve blogged every single day. Except yesterday. It’s just after midnight and I’m packing to go on a short vacation with the family and scrambling to get some work done and it occurred to me “Shit – I didn’t do today’s blog post.”

That’s a problem.

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Content Should Be Free is Nonsense. (Yup, I Disagree with Fred Wilson)

I read an absolutely insanely good investigative piece into the foreign money flowing into Time Warner Center condos by the NY Times. I cannot get my head around how much effort must have been required into researching this piece. And then the writing and editing that followed it.  And then the design and photographs on the page.

It is what the NY Times and a handful of publications do well – probably those that could do this can be counted on one hand.

And this is difficult stuff.  And they deserve to be paid for it.

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F’n Wackos – Our New Public Menace

As a parent, I’ve been watching the whole Disney measles outbreak caused by the lunatic anti-vaxxer movement.

A quote by Melinda Gates in this article from the Verge sums it up well:

Women in the developing world know the power of [vaccines]. They will walk 10 kilometers in the heat with their child and line up to get a vaccine, because they have seen death. [Americans have] forgotten what measles deaths look like.


What is more alarming about the whole episode is how stupid a segment of Americans are who believe this crap.  People who actively believe celebrities like Jenny McCarthy or Oprah Winfrey for medical treatment advice and put the most vulnerable – children – at risk.

Yes – these are the people are now “qualified” to provide medical advice in our celebrity gaga culture.

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Industry Punditry

The weathermen sure did nail the blizzard predictions for snowfall. </sarcasm>

One of the things that I’ve wondered about since my time at was if anyone out there keeps the pundits honest. All the analysts who during the dot com days predicted unsustainable models would be huge or that X, Y, Z company would be huge.

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Yup – this blog still sucks

Today, I approved and responded to 3 comments on blog posts I’d written. These were left by 3 smart folks – Bobby Mulley, John Gannon and Juhi Heda.  I was pretty siked that there is now proof that 3 people have read my blog. Earlier this week, a candidate who came in for a job said he liked my blog too. He could have been blowing smoke up my ass but he did his homework so props for that.

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American Sniper – It’s Always More Complicated

So I really enjoyed American Sniper. So did my wife.  And Chris Kyle, the protagonist, who the movie is about makes for an amazingly interesting and heroic character.  And so today, I’ve been kind of obsessed trying to read more about this guy. Because, honestly, I was sort of awestruck.

And most of what I read was confirming the mythical nature of this guy.

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Chipotle for Indian Food

Chipotle for Indian food — this is one of those concepts that I and probably many other people thought should exist.  And I’ve visited a few incarnations and mostly they’ve been average. Today, I went to Indikitch near Madison Square Park and thought it was good. The food was ethnic but also simplified enough to make it mass producable.  There were some operations type issues still so not quite as efficient as Chipotle yet but definitely promising as food is obviously important.

I’m curious to see if IndiKitch catches on.

Best Places to Work – Just Ignore the Data

Tony Schwartz offers an interesting perspective on the Best Places to Work rankings in this article in the NY Times.  He writes:

But these lists don’t really measure something even more important: the quality of their employees’ lives. Over the last decade, I’ve spent countless hours interacting with employees at all levels in many of the companies that appear on the Glassdoor best-companies list, as well as on the Fortune annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list.

Basically, his argument revolves around ignoring data others have collected and on using his selected anecdotes.  It is all a bit new-agey.  There are always going to a spectrum of opinions at a company the size of Google or any top employer so finding these anecdotes is probably easy.  Making everyone happy is an impossibility.  If it was possible, we’d have some sort of bizarre work utopia/cult.

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Nail Biting – Wife Goes Medieval with Mavala

Mavala nastyMy daughter sucks her thumb and generally seems to have her fingers in her mouth all the time especially when she is asleep. It’s not cool.

I’ve also bitten my nails for a long time. I don’t know if it’s due to nervousness or just occurs when the internet is not near, but it’s something I need to stop doing.

As my wife is inclined to do when a problem arises, she looked for a solution on Amazon.  And came across this thing called Mavala.

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If you build it, they will not come

I think a lot of folks will start podcasts in 2015.  Just like most blogs (this one perhaps included), they will suck.

Here is a chart of this blogs visitor stats from when it was started in March on a monthly basis.  I’ve done a post every day since then.  See how amazing the growth curve is?

Yup, it sucks.

anand sanwal blog

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