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I’m Not a Barbie Girl

Barbie is an idiot
One of the things I try to be very conscious of with my daughter is ensuring I don’t do or say things that feed into preset notions of what girls should or should not do.

No comments like run like a girl or pushing for her to play with princesses or dress up like one for Halloween.

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Running a business vs running your mouth

Success is not always what it seems.

success is not always what it seems

Startups have their own language – LTV, CAC, MVP, TAM, PPC blah blah blah.

Knowing what these are in the abstract and talking about them and tweeting about them doesn’t mean you have a business.  It means you are good at knowing. I saw this same knowing vs. doing phenomena in a past life when I used to consult around a book I’d written (here if interested).  At the time, I was talking to big corporations who prided themselves on knowing a lot about markets and trends. The problem was they didn’t do – at least 99 of 100.  They were happy to be the smartest guy or gal in the room.

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How to make a meeting not suck? It’s easy

I get asked to meet sometimes about some sort of business opportunity or idea.  I try to sniff out if it’s credible early on but sometimes I take the meeting because I suspect it might be interesting or because the person came to me via an introduction (which was not double opt-in!).

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New People I Follow on Twitter

Yeah – this is an odd post.  But Twitter’s people discovery (1) either sucks or (2) is too complicated for my dumbass.  So here are a few new folks I’m following who were recommended by others or who I just stumbled upon or who I should have followed earlier but somehow forget.

Without further ado.

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How to Sell Consulting? Develop a Recipe aka a Simplistic Framework for a Complex Problem.

The article is titled “Recipe for Building a Startup Hub in any City”.

I knew there was a high probably I wasn’t going to like it.  When I read “But after building Silicon Beach in Los Angeles, and helping to establish the Silicon Roundabout in London”, I knew it going to live upto expectations.  Taking credit for building Silicon Beach?  I wonder what others in LA think about that?

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MTA revenue idea – cellphone charging stations

My cellphone died right as I got on the subway last night. The MTA should have charging stations on platforms and subways and charge folks for access. And maybe cell prepaid plans where you can buy charging minutes upfront.
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The New Credential – Raising Venture Capital

“When I was at Harvard…”

“While working at McKinsey..”

“After Goldman…”

If you live in NYC, you’ve probably met folks who work this into the first 5 minutes of their conversation with you. It is credentialing at its finest.

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We are fucked

A mom in Texas let her kid play outside by himself and child protective services was called. I heard about this on the Today Show while I was in Montreal.

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Confirmation Bias

Venture capital has never been a particularly data-driven asset class.  Folks make proclamations based on one instance they’ve seen or because it serves them well. If they’re influential, these half-baked ideas get perpetuated quickly via the web, social media, etc.  And then it become gospel.

For example:

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Yahoo! Mail is a big steaming pile of …

I have a Yahoo account from back in the day. Some transactional emails still go there that I need from time-to-time. Today was one of those days, but I’d forgotten my password. And I had to reset it.

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