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Well done is better than well said

I watched Johnny Manziel last night in a pre-season game. Yeah – I’m that bored. He didn’t do all that well on the field, but he did give the finger to the Redskins bench. I saw an analogy online afterwards comparing him to Brian Bosworth (Boz) who was another big talker from back in the day who bombed in the NFL.

I’ve always been partial to people (and organizations) who get isht done vs. who talk. I wonder how this guy will do.

Whoa – This Shit Really Happens?

This piece about what’s it like to raise investor money as a woman in Silicon Valley is just plain scary and sad.

Massages, sexual harassment, inappropriate comments and a general condescension towards women appear to be the norm according to the article.

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Pre-IPO companies

This term is being used more and more these days and I hate it.


Because most companies using it aren’t really pre-IPO.

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Bad Startup Advice: Don’t Hire Interns

internJessica Livingston of Y Combinator recently suggested that hiring interns for your startup is a bad idea. I think she means hiring for a startup going through a 12 week Y Combinator program so if that’s the case, that’s fine since she knows that program very well.

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So, about that bubble

financial engineeringWhen I was at back in the good old days (aka pre dot com crash), companies were going public and quoting all sorts of new-fangled operating and financial metrics to support their valuation. Eyeballs and stickiness and esoteric ratios were the rage.

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Being a dickhead never pays

A few days ago, someone reached out to inquire about a job at CB Insights. He was among the first 10 people I’d demo’d CB Insights too after we launched publicly in February 2010.  And it is the only 1 of the first 10 I actually remember (who says you always remember your first).  I don’t remember him because the demo went well. Although that in of itself is remarkable given how buggy our v1.0 product was.

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wantrapreneurThere were some negative comments about 500 Startups on Secret a couple of months ago.

Dave McClure handled the comments and discussion well in his characteristically heads-on way. That, however, is neither here nor there for me as how an accelerator/seed fund chooses to operate is their business. I assume if someone sucks, market forces will take care of them (Time Warner Cable and AT&T being exceptions but topics for another day). And by all accounts given Dave’s fundraising capabilities, he seems to know what he is doing.

In any case, I digress.

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I’m going to oversleep prior to all of my meetings in San Francisco

no rispeckMarissa Meyer overslept and was late to a dinner with a bunch of other important ad tech and finance’y type people it seems.  It’s not newsworthy except that everything the CEO of a big well-known company does is newsworthy or can somehow be made newsworthy.

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You used the potty. Let’s throw a party.

coddling kidsI was chatting with a friend yesterday and he was telling me about his daughter’s kindergarten graduation. He asked me if we had that when we were little.

I don’t think we did.
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Your freestyle sucks

freestyle sucksHave you ever been on the subway and heard a guy freestyling or rapping along loudly to his music? I did last night and it got me thinking, have I ever heard anyone good doing this?

Here’s what I realized.

In 14 years in Manhattan, I’ve never heard one guy freestyling who doesn’t unequivocally suck.

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