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Don’t bet on people too prematurely

finding startups earlyHunter Walk has a great post on betting people prematurely.   I completely agree with and think we adhere to this philosophy at CB Insights.  I think with the exception of Jon and me, CB Insights is everyone’s first or second job.  And this has been great to see as I’ve seen people step up into big roles and upto big challenges way before they might have if “years of experience” or “seniority” was a criteria.

This post isn’t about that phenomena, however.

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Putting on My Big Boy Blogging Pants

blogging big boy pantsA couple of days ago, I submitted my post on dilution and founder ownership to a great online community called Quibb.

It was the first post I’ve done over the last 40 days of blogging or so that I submitted anywhere beyond my Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.  It expected it would die on the vine because there is a lot of great content on Quibb, but it got a bit of love.

And you know what I felt – terrified.

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Stupid Shit

don't feed the troll

How quickly can a potentially useful discussion on Twiter be disrupted by ass-hats?

See below.

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“Never take advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with the consequences”

startup adviceThink I heard this line recently by Mark Cuban on Shark Tank – which not surprisingly is one of my favorite TV shows.  But given the incredible amount of unqualified and just plain badstartup advice out there which I commented on earlier, this simple rule is a good way to help filter out bad advice.

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Networking Rule #2 – “Let’s Meet for Coffee” – Actually, Let’s Not and Say We Did

let's meet for coffee sucksHey Anand,

Love what you guys are doing with CB Insights and the newsletter.  Do you have time in the next couple of weeks to catch up for 15 minutes over coffee as I wanted to catch up to tell you what we’re doing. (or sometimes this is replaced with something more specific like “pick your brain on press and media relations given how much your data gets cited these days.”)

Let me know what works.  Coffee is on me 🙂



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One month into blogging

A Blog post about bloggingYes, this blog post will be about blogging. How meta.

I started blogging 30 or so days ago.  I’ve tried to post 1 thing per day.  Here are my early observations:

Forcing consistency has been good. Making myself to post every day has been a good way to ensure this thing has a fighting chance of surviving.  I have cheated on occasion by scheduling several posts written in one shot.  Weekends are when that happens especially when my daughter is taking a nap.

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Networking Rule #1 – “I think you guys should meet” – Wrong.

networking rulesHey Anand,

Wanted to introduce you to Jack (cc’d) who runs that is a totally awesome startup that is doing really interesting things in ______ space.

Think you guys are doing similar things, tackling similar problems, etc so think you guy should meet for coffee or chat via phone.

I’ll leave you to both connect.

Hope all is well.



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