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“My granddaughter in the US is the only one who calls me daily” or why I love technology

i love technologyEvery day, my daughter grabs my iPad, enters my password, opens up Facetime and calls her grandmothers who are in India.

And today, her grandmother said

“Of all my grandkids and even my kids, Z who is in the US is the only one who calls me daily.”

This delights me.  It’s the most fantastic part of where technology has come IMO.  When done right, it connects us to one another.

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25,000 Subscribers on Our Newsletter

CB Insights newsletter sizeI wrote about this in our newsletter that went out yesterday.  Yes – a writeup about our newsletter in our newsletter. Forgive the meta’ness.

While we’ve made numerous mistakes on the path to building CB Insights, our newsletter was not one of them.

This past week, we crossed 25,000 subscribers. And we’re adding 200-350 new subscribers each week! As it tends to get forwarded around a fair amount, we estimate our 3x per week newsletter reaches upto about 150k inboxes per week.

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My Favorite Startup Joke

crowded bar in Silicon Valley

A million people walk into a Silicon Valley bar. None of them buys anything. The bar is declared a rousing success.

That’s all.

Build for the long-term: The Michael Bloomberg school of company building – why is this not fashionable?

Michael Bloomberg entrepreneurPer Wikipedia, Michael Bloomberg started the firm that bears his name in 1981 and was CEO and Chairman for 20 years.  He remains a majority shareholder (88%) and is estimated to have a net worth of $31 billion.

A lot of the talk about company building these days seems to be all about the quick flip, the exit, creating a veneer of momentum even if real momentum isn’t there.

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