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Future Madoff

My 5 year old daughter is super into the game Uno. I think the word is addicted. If you’d agree to play 50 games with her, she’d do it in a heartbeat and then want to play 50 more. 

It’s a great game. Strategy, bit of math, competition, etc. 

When playing and she deals, I started to notice she’d try to deal herself certain cards. When my wife inquired one day why she does that, her answer was

Some Draw 4 cards have scratches.

Holy shit I thought.

That never occurred to me. She won’t admit she scratched the cards herself so that part remains a mystery, but nevertheless, I am already worried about what trouble she may get herself into later in life. 

Consumer v Enterprise and the Serial Entrepreneur

We published a brief on overhyped and over funded startups that didn’t hit expectations earlier today. All of them are consumer focused which makes sense given that is where hype is required.
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Uber business trip

Wrapping up a trip to Newport Beach and used Uber to get around exclusively. No car rental.

I’m convinced that car ownership will be impacted over the long-term assuming Uber is not subsidizing fares.
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That was fun. Ok – not really.

We had someone copy some of our stuff yesterday. I commented in an interview with Connie Loizos on StrictlyVC that drama is fun from time to time.
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Wow – walking 21 miles to work

James Robertson walks to his Detroit factory job every day. A total of 21 miles and has had perfect attendance for a job that pays $10.55/hour.
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Our 2014 investor update

So we published some info about CB insights 2014 revenue, churn, clients, and focus areas for 2015.
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Some jobs lend themselves to hard metrics. Sales/biz dev is one such place. But a lot of roles don’t. A lot of my former roles were strategy or analysis driven and so there was no hard metric. It was always soft and intangible and relied on people’s impressions. ¬†When I worked in VC and corp dev, it was all about deals. It wasn’t explicitly but implicitly, you wanted to do deals in those roles. Sometimes, I think folks did bad deals just to make the deal count go from zero to 1. They’d never admit, but subconsciously, it happened.
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CityMD part 2

So I went to my primary care physician today as the CityMD protocol wasn’t working.
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Thumbs up

We are interviewing a lot at CB Insights these days. And one of the key things I hammer on now is references.

So assuming the team likes you, we ask for references. This used to be a useless formality.
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Corporate America Rules

If you work for a big company and are bored enough to have found my blog, I’m about to change your life.
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