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Growth hack addicted

There is something in me that loves figuring out how to “break” a system. By break, I mean get results not typically expected by doing something different or by optimizing it in some unconventional way.

And for this reason, I love reading about growth hacks. How we use LinkedIn to get 5000 customers, how we used email to create negative churn, how to get 59 back links in 59 minutes.

I eat this shit up.

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Don’t read this. I don’t give a fuck.

Just go read this. That’s all.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Seriously, go read it.

If you don’t, I don’t really give a fuck.

New Years resolutions

I tend not to make these but this year I did make some for some reason. Here they are – personal and biz sort of collide.
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American Sniper

Saw the movie. Go see it.

I’m lucky to have been born in a country that someone like Chris Kyle swore to protect.

The Stress

I was talking to a really successful head of sales at a company that he had built the sales organization from 3 to many before the company exited for over $500 million.
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Dancing Like a Freak

We’re going to be late to my daughter’s school this morning because we spent some time dancing to Billie Jean by Michael Jackson. There are a few songs that bring me back to another time (often college) and make me bob my head or dance.  I’m not sure of all others, but here are a few:

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Recycling VC Dollars

I see lots of VC-backed startup SaaS companies whose customers are other VC-backed startups.
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I’m a fuck up

I did a monster post on the CB Insights blog about my 54 failures as a startup CEO.
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Turning 41

I turned 41 today. Last year at this time, I was in Vegas with my crew from Penn acting like an idiot. This is the crew that this blog takes it’s name from (we lived together at 4044 Walnut).
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Public email

I gotta say, I feel bad for Sony. The hacking was, of course, probably inevitable given what seems like very lax security procedures but now we are seeing the leaked emails.
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