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30 Years Old & Computer Science – Fuhgedaboutit

computer science old at 30Read a question on HN a couple of days ago from someone wondering if 30 was too old to get into computer science.

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Annoying rich people

I'm rich foolI think it’d be nice to be wealthy. I’m not sure anyone I know wants to be poor so that statement shouldn’t be all that surprising.

But if I ever get there, I hope I will never say annoying things like this.

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New York Cares for kids?

volunteering for kidsSo we’ve been trying to find a volunteer activity we can do with our daughter.  She is only 4.5 which makes it challenging.  NY Cares is great but the family friendly opps on there aren’t good for young kids as far as I can tell.

Does something like this exist?

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Culture Doesn’t Just Happen

startup cultureBrian Chesky of Airbnb penned a letter to this team entitled “Don’t Fuck up the Culture” which I recently read and saw discussed on Hacker News.

The first comment on HN was cynical and got me thinking.  Here’s the comment (emphasis mine):

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I go to bed scared and wake up paranoid

startup happinessWe’ve had 2 very good weeks of sales at CB Insights. We’ve signed on some of the biggest and most prominent venture capital firms and corporate M&A teams. We’ve also been making great inroads into strategy and innovation groups.  In addition, we also launched our redesigned and insanely dope research blog.  And have an absolutely bonkers dev pipeline.

But as an example of how my brain works — my first thought after getting these new customers on-board was “what do we have to do to retain them next year and the year after?”

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Product First

sales is deadWas reading this article about Atlassian and one part jumped out at me Read More …

I’m So Tech Savvy

hacker anand sanwalFinally got this going showing off my crazy hacking skills.

  1. Booked a domain
  2. Changed nameservers
  3. Installed wordpress
  4. Found a theme (that will prob change)
  5. Just wrote my first blog post

Let’s see how this goes.