I felt myself getting sick yesterday and went to bed with and woke up with a fever. Yay for the weekend.

To prevent the normal family domino effect, I went to CityMD to see if I had the flu and get some drugs, if needed, to feel better.

I’d previously written about urgent care centers and the unbundling of medicine and disruption of traditional hospital systems. While they’re clearly unbundling services hospitals typically provide, the other thing that I noticed was the superior experience I had at CityMD versus my primary care physician or even a hospital.

Offices were comfortable and clean. The check in process was seamless. And the staff was attentive, friendly and knowledgeable.

Much of the discussion around disruption focuses on the business models, but the level of service in this case also was a clear differentiator.

Hoping I don’t get sick again, but if I do, I know where I’m likely to go.

1. Based off single observation. Yes – that is what we call a small sample size.
2. I’ve not seen the cost yet. Depending on what insurance covers, my opinion will change.

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