Oh Crap, It’s March 1st – Sales Anxiety

sales anxiety - first of the monthJanuary and February were great months from a sales/bookings perspective. ┬áBut because I wake up scared and go to bed paranoid, the first day of each month fills me with anxiety because in my mind, sales are back at zero, and it’s go time.

We’re in a hole and we gotta climb out.

Yeah – I tend to worry a lot.

But there’s been plenty of good news:

  • We’ve booked more than 50% of 2013 bookings in just the first two months of 2014
  • March has 31 days which means we got some extra time to close more sales — I literally think of this in days so the extra days matter
  • We’ve got a good leads pipeline
  • We’ve got some new folks coming on-board who I think can accelerate our momentum
  • The product is gonna see some game-changing improvements this month
  • Our newsletter momentum and the research briefs we put out are really resonating with the audience

But nevertheless, we’re almost 8 hours into March and we’ve not sold anything. Oh no!!!

Time to get to work.

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