My Daughter’s Future Jobs

My wife and I get into these fairly pointless but fun conversations from time to time about what our daughter will do in the future. I think we expect, perhaps foolishly, to have more control and influence on her life than we will, but there is no manual for kids so we’re winging it just like everyone else.

Our conversation today revolved around jobs that we hope she has when she is in middle school and high school.  We think it’s important she works to learn skills and understand the value of money among other things and having a job will help with that.  Plus, if she wants to buy something for herself beyond necessities, working for it and paying for it is a good thing.


So when she reads this blog at some point in the future, here are the three jobs I want her to eventually have:

  • Waitress – I think you learn great skills here like working under pressure, customer service, dealing with people of all types and even sales.
  • Selling door-to-door – In high school, there was a company called Cutco Knives that some of my friends sold. I was too shy. One of them made a killing (for a high school student) selling these knives. He wasn’t that outgoing but he learned to sell and was very good at it.  If there is any skill that I think is important in life (not just business), it is sales & negotiation.  The ability to convince people of something, overcome objections and get someone to buy is an amazing skill.  I’ve only done this late in my life when at CB Insights. It’s been life-changing but I wish I had done it 20-25 years earlier.
  • Cold calling – Similar to above, but the idea of calling people rapid fire and getting past their objections to get them to listen is an awesome skill. I’ve never done this but it’s on my list.  It scares the crap out of me, but I will do it.
  • Building stuff – I’m not sure where this will be, but building stuff is one other thing I want her to do.  I painted my high school with friends one summer and also scraped gum off desks which was pure manual labor.  That sucked so hopefully, it’ll be something cooler.  I also built several of the distribution facilities at Kozmo in NYC, Atlanta and London.  This was building shelves, tagging inventory and mundane stuff and then doing more strategic planning as well.  But the idea of coming in over many days, weeks and months to build something is very empowering and fulfilling.

I also hope she’ll start a business while in elementary or middle school but that’s a bit more nebulous as she’ll need to be inspired to do something.

I’m sure there are many other jobs she should do over time so I’m sure this list will evolve over time.


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