Signaling Success: Time To Get a Ferrari

Neil Patel is a content marketer who I’ve learned a lot from. He writes killer long-form content about marketing that is insanely crazy valuable. So when he publishes something, I read it. He wrote a post about how a picture in a Ferrari made him $1 million. It’s a click-bait’y as hell headline and I obliged and clicked away.

You should read it as Neil is a great storyteller, but the premise in short is that nice watches, nice houses, nice cars, etc make you look successful and as a result, they open up doors for you with other people who are successful. Those doors can generate business.

It’s premise is also something that is 100% opposite of how I was brought up and how I tend to roll, but I like reading other perspectives like this one as it challenges my thinking.  There is a part of me, a big part, that likes the idea of one day being obscure and successful. I’m not there yet, but my natural instinct is to view these things as gauche.  But that’s me unnecessarily judging someone else with my own worldview.

Looked at another way, Neil’s lifestyle marketing post was a strange sort of life hack to generate business.  And I love growth hacks.

Of course, there is more to life than business and so being true to who you are is a key part of that. I’m not sure posting pics of me having great shit is something I’d ever do, but Neil’s post definitely was interesting and got me thinking about things in a different way.

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