Growth vs Fixed Mindset

If you ever want a parent to open an article, title it “How to make your kids ________” or “The Secret to Raising _____ Kids”. The blank might be filled in by expected words like smart, nice, ambitious, etc.

And so as it goes. I read one such article entitled The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.

It talks about the growth vs fixed mindset. Fixed mindset folks think ability and achievement are a function of intelligence. Growth mindset think it’s a function of effort.

The results when studied on children show fixed mindset kids get frustrated, try less when hit with challenges and generally view obstacles as an indictment of their intelligence. Growth mindset kids understand that effort can solve problems.

They also apply the mind sets to the workplace and find that growth oriented managers outperform.

From my experience, if I look at my closest friends who are all quite successful, they have this growth mindset. My managers in the past, colleagues and even people I’ve managed who have a growth mindset have always been the most fun to work with or learn from because a growth mindset is one where they’re constantly looking for a better way to do things. They’re not complacent.

I am not sure how to look for this growth mindset, but these are the types of people I’d like to surround myself with.

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