Growth hack addicted

There is something in me that loves figuring out how to “break” a system. By break, I mean get results not typically expected by doing something different or by optimizing it in some unconventional way.

And for this reason, I love reading about growth hacks. How we use LinkedIn to get 5000 customers, how we used email to create negative churn, how to get 59 back links in 59 minutes.

I eat this shit up.

Part of the appeal is they make hard things sound easy. And yeah – I’m lazy.

But for me, it’s the hack part I love. The psychological or technological “trick” that got these exceptional results.

When you read most of these articles, you quickly realize that 1. Most of them suck and 2. Those that are good take time and effort (they’re not simple hacks)

The other thing I’ve realized is that it is foolish to try all these growth hacks. While intellectually interesting perhaps, it is better to double down and master and even develop a few and exploit those. And only move on when those are exhausted or returns are diminishing. Yes – the old jack of all trades, master of none credo.

Nevertheless, I’m happy so many people are gracious in sharing their knowledge on these as I find them fascinating and always learn something. I hope one day to return the favor.

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