Halloween Debate – You’re Not a Princess

Halloween was always my favorite holiday. It still is, but it’s become more stressful since becoming the dad of a little girl and choosing a costume for her. My daughter’s choice for a costume changes daily from ninja turtle to princess to spiderman to batgirl.

I don’t mind she changes her mind daily as she is a kid after all, but if I’m being totally honest, I hate/don’t want her to be a princess.  I want her to be a ninja turtle or spiderman or batgirl. My wife tells me she should be what she wants, and while that is the thing I should probably do, I really dislike the idea of her being a princess.

This is me reading into something inconsequential entirely too much, but ninja turtles, spider man and bat girl take action.  Princesses don’t.

It’s weird to me that I think about these things now, but it’s weirdly and very important to me.

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