Nail Biting – Wife Goes Medieval with Mavala

Mavala nastyMy daughter sucks her thumb and generally seems to have her fingers in her mouth all the time especially when she is asleep. It’s not cool.

I’ve also bitten my nails for a long time. I don’t know if it’s due to nervousness or just occurs when the internet is not near, but it’s something I need to stop doing.

As my wife is inclined to do when a problem arises, she looked for a solution on Amazon.  And came across this thing called Mavala.

She put some on my daughter’s fingers and now when she puts her fingers in her mouth, she gets a very bitter taste in her mouth.  It seems to be working.

This is good.

The following is not so good.

The wifey warned me that if I keep biting my nails that I’d also suffer a similar fate. I warned her she better not and explained to her that as the man of house, I’m allowed to do what I want, when I want, and how I want. Still she warned that if I don’t stop biting my nails, Mavala was coming to a finger near me very soon.

(BTW, if you think I actually warned her that way, you don’t know my wife)

In any case, I was picking at my fingers this AM before we went to the Bronx Botantical Garden and she warned me again. I said, go ahead and try. This afternoon I took a quick power nap and upon waking up, my fingers reflexively found their way to where they shouldn’t be.

And holy hell, it was gross.

The warnings were real. While I was asleep, Mavala had been applied to my fingers.

This isht is nasty. Let’s see if my many year habit now breaks.

Oh yeah – one last thing for my wife.

Watch your back.

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