The NY Hall of Science

normal distribution hall of science

On Friday, we, the family, went to the NY Hall of Science in Queens. It’s a great spot (akin to Liberty Science Center near Jersey City). While some of the activities are better for older kids, there was plenty to do for a 5 year old.

Tons of great interactive exhibits, an awesome 3D movie on the Galapagos Islands and great work areas where we built a building with lights (which my daughter had to light up using a battery).

The NY Hall of Science is also where Maker Faire is held so I’m looking forward to heading back for that.

A few weeks ago, we went The Robot Foundry in Brooklyn.

It’s awesome that there are so many activities focused on interactivity and making stuff. If you’ve not been to the NY Hall of Science, check it out. Whether you have kids or not. ┬áIt’ll bring the kid out in you.

The picture above was one of my favorite exhibits which illustrated a normal distribution.

And one pic below from the building exercise. The house with the big pipe cleaner Z was our contribution to the skyline.

city of hall building city

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