CityMD part 2

So I went to my primary care physician today as the CityMD protocol wasn’t working.
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Canada Goose

I’ve been seeing Canada Goose jackets everywhere in NYC. And so tonight, I did what comes naturally to me — I looked in the CB Insights database to see if it was in there, and there it was. Canada Goose had been acquired by Bain Capital in 2013.  (Yes – I’m a bit strange).

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I felt myself getting sick yesterday and went to bed with and woke up with a fever. Yay for the weekend.

To prevent the normal family domino effect, I went to CityMD to see if I had the flu and get some drugs, if needed, to feel better.

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Thumbs up

We are interviewing a lot at CB Insights these days. And one of the key things I hammer on now is references.

So assuming the team likes you, we ask for references. This used to be a useless formality.
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Corporate America Rules

If you work for a big company and are bored enough to have found my blog, I’m about to change your life.
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Signaling Success: Time To Get a Ferrari

Neil Patel is a content marketer who I’ve learned a lot from. He writes killer long-form content about marketing that is insanely crazy valuable. So when he publishes something, I read it. He wrote a post about how a picture in a Ferrari made him $1 million. It’s a click-bait’y as hell headline and I obliged and clicked away.

You should read it as Neil is a great storyteller, but the premise in short is that nice watches, nice houses, nice cars, etc make you look successful and as a result, they open up doors for you with other people who are successful. Those doors can generate business.

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20 Questions

Last Sunday, it was raining and nasty so we went to the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to Chuck E. Cheese so Z could play games and win tickets to redeem for amazing prizes (sarcasm).  Afterwards, we went to lunch and started playing 20 questions.  20 questions consists of thinking of something and the other person(s) get to ask yes or no questions to narrow it down.

So, you’ll ask “Is it a person?” and if you say yes, they might ask “is the person alive or dead?”

It’s a good game to test logic and is actually pretty entertaining.

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Learning in Dog Years

Matt Wong who is a member of our research team was on Ali Velshi’s financial news show on Al Jazeera TV last Friday. I don’t think Matt expected to be on TV 1.5 years after graduating. I can’t say I would have expected it either, but when they called, I was busy with client meetings, and it felt like Matt was ready.  And so I asked him if he’d like to do it, and after some thought, he said he was.

I’d recommend you watch him as he does a great job. Here’s the link.  They chunk it up minute by minute for some reason so start watching at 2:48.

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Garbage in, Garbage Out – Yes Indeed

Renee DiRasta had a good post talking about conflicting data about seed activity. I don’t think some of her assertions about the data sources being similar for data providers are that accurate which I talked about on Twitter (see below). I also commented on her post that the whole seed deals are falling narrative is laughable.  Here’s the comment I left on her post.


Anand here from CB Insights. Great thoughtful post. Thank you.

Five reasons that came to immediately came to mind on why the whole seed is declining narrative doesn’t pass the most basic of smell tests. If I spend an hour thinking about this more, there are probably others.

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Yup – this blog still sucks

Today, I approved and responded to 3 comments on blog posts I’d written. These were left by 3 smart folks – Bobby Mulley, John Gannon and Juhi Heda.  I was pretty siked that there is now proof that 3 people have read my blog. Earlier this week, a candidate who came in for a job said he liked my blog too. He could have been blowing smoke up my ass but he did his homework so props for that.

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