One month into blogging

A Blog post about bloggingYes, this blog post will be about blogging. How meta.

I started blogging 30 or so days ago.  I’ve tried to post 1 thing per day.  Here are my early observations:

Forcing consistency has been good. Making myself to post every day has been a good way to ensure this thing has a fighting chance of surviving.  I have cheated on occasion by scheduling several posts written in one shot.  Weekends are when that happens especially when my daughter is taking a nap.

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Networking Rule #1 – “I think you guys should meet” – Wrong.

networking rulesHey Anand,

Wanted to introduce you to Jack (cc’d) who runs that is a totally awesome startup that is doing really interesting things in ______ space.

Think you guys are doing similar things, tackling similar problems, etc so think you guy should meet for coffee or chat via phone.

I’ll leave you to both connect.

Hope all is well.



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Sidebar – A Product I’d Like to See to Improve Internet Comment Relevance

commenting system distractionIf you’re with a group of folks talking at a cocktail party or bar about a topic and then part of the group takes the discussion in a different direction while others are talking about the original topic, the logical thing to do is to break off into two different groups and continue the respective conversations separately.

It’s not a big deal in real life, but on the internet, this doesn’t happen.

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Product Validation First, Then Investors – In That Order

funding doesn't equal successJust read this post about someone who formerly worked in venture moving to be an entrepreneur and give up his $200k gig.  The post is a bit melodramatic but all in all, good to read and good for him.  I hope he’s successful but even if not, I think trying to build something can help you learn a lot about yourself and things like product, management, marketing, sales, etc.

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Warren Buffett helps me answer “What’s your exit strategy?”

long term thinkingPeople ask this question to me a lot more as of late.  Not sure why.

And when they ask, I’m not sure I have a great response as I don’t think about exiting a lot and find there is excessive focus on the flip versus building something of value and letting things unfold from there.
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If you take venture capital, just know the deal

keep calm and blame venture capitalWhen Everpix which was funded by VCs shut down, there was, of course, some haterade that got thrown at VCs – most of it misguided.  This article lays some of the blame on VCs, but the reality is that the VCs did the rational thing in this situation.

Yes it is fun to hate on VCs as there is stuff wrong with the model which some innovators are trying to fix, but this article is misguided. If you want to run a business growing linearly which makes a profit, don’t take VC. There is nothing wrong with that type of business, but it doesn’t fit their model.

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How do I build a tech company that will get acquired?

startup acquisition delusionsOne of the sadder questions I’ve seen on Quora.

What do I need to do to launch a tech startup that will be acquired by a top tech company?

Startups have jumped the shark I suppose if they’re being viewed as a get rich quick scheme.

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Like it or not, cost per user matters in tech M&A (at least right now and probably for a while)

cost per user metricsThere was an interesting article about cost/user metrics across various acquisitions in tech on HN recently. Of course, in HN style, the first comment was someone who didn’t like the metric and all the reasons why. Another reason why need Sidebar.

Unfortunately, despite cost/user or price/user being a somewhat spurious measure to value a company, it is used by tech companies all the time.  Perhaps we’re entering dot com era style price/pageviews and price/eyeballs non-sense but for now, the metric matters. “Don’t hate the playa’, hate the game” and all that good stuff.

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“My granddaughter in the US is the only one who calls me daily” or why I love technology

i love technologyEvery day, my daughter grabs my iPad, enters my password, opens up Facetime and calls her grandmothers who are in India.

And today, her grandmother said

“Of all my grandkids and even my kids, Z who is in the US is the only one who calls me daily.”

This delights me.  It’s the most fantastic part of where technology has come IMO.  When done right, it connects us to one another.

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Market Predictions – Does Anyone Ever Check Back on the Forecasts?

market forecasts are wrongForecasting the size of industries is big business.

Mobile payments will be $14 trillion by 2022. Cloud computing will be $178 billion by 2019.  Healthcare IT will grow at a CAGR of 27% over the next 10 years to become a $29 billion marketing in 2020.

You’ve all seen them.

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