Oh Crap, It’s March 1st – Sales Anxiety

sales anxiety - first of the monthJanuary and February were great months from a sales/bookings perspective.  But because I wake up scared and go to bed paranoid, the first day of each month fills me with anxiety because in my mind, sales are back at zero, and it’s go time.

We’re in a hole and we gotta climb out.

Yeah – I tend to worry a lot.

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There Goes Pattern Matching?

venture capital pattern matchingWhatsApp is the talk of the town.  The biggest VC-backed M&A exit in history tends to generate a lot of conversation as it should.

But what’s interesting about WhatsApp beyond the big price and deal aspects is that it doesn’t fit many of the conventions you’d expect:

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The “Venture Industrial Complex” and Survivorship Bias

survivorship biasDevin Matthews and Jim Milbery write at the Private Equity Funcast which I just discovered after seeing this article about the “venture capital trap”.  I’m still working my way through their blog archive, but it’s fairly fantastic so far. Cogent arguments and a take-no-prisoners style of writing.  I recommend it.

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The Bowling Pin Strategy

bowling pin strategyA post by Chris Dixon highlighted the Bowling Pin Strategy which has become one of my favorite ways of thinking about how to attack markets.  The strategy was articulated by Geoffrey Moore of Crossing the Chasm fame and is explained well by Chris Spagnuolo in this post where he summarizes:

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Kids, Entrepreneurship and Weed

kid entrepreneurSaw this story about a Girl Scout who set up outside of a pot dispensary and sold out of cookies quickly.

I love hearing stories of kids doing things that are entrepreneurial and this story, in particular, on multiple levels.

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The Opportunity to Finance “Reasonable” Tech Companies

revenue based financingHunter Walk of Homebrew Ventures has an interesting post about how he doesn’t want to finance reasonable businesses.

After a pitch I’m sometimes left with the feeling “well, that was a perfectly reasonable plan to build a business.” That sentiment always almost results in a pass. Why? Because the reality is I fear a reasonable plan. A perfectly reasonable plan usually represents a low risk path towards a forecastable outcome. An outlandish plan offered by founders with twinkles in their eyes is much more appealing to venture economics where I’m seeking large multiples on an initial investment.

Hunter actually advises to beware of these plans.

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Public Market Investors and Private Companies

public markets private companiesGlenn Solomon of GGV Capital offers some good insights into the rise of hedge funds and mutual funds in his article on TechCrunch here.  This is definitely an increasing trend.

Some additional thoughts on this:

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Hype and the Optimal User

don't believe the hypeI’m pretty amazed that WhatsApp had just 1 “business guy” on the team.

It shows what a focus on the product can do especially if you focus on the right business opportunities.

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I’m So Tech Savvy

hacker anand sanwalFinally got this going showing off my crazy hacking skills.

  1. Booked a domain
  2. Changed nameservers
  3. Installed wordpress
  4. Found a theme (that will prob change)
  5. Just wrote my first blog post

Let’s see how this goes.