Growth hack addicted

There is something in me that loves figuring out how to “break” a system. By break, I mean get results not typically expected by doing something different or by optimizing it in some unconventional way.

And for this reason, I love reading about growth hacks. How we use LinkedIn to get 5000 customers, how we used email to create negative churn, how to get 59 back links in 59 minutes.

I eat this shit up.

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… and Unintended Consequences

Perception is a funny thing.  I have a habit of writing emails in a fairly stream of consciousness style. Not all that dissimilar from this blog.  And as a result, punctuation and grammar are not top priority.

One of the things I do to connect thoughts is use ellipses – you know — these things …

So I’ll write stuff like “how did things go with the migration…as expected?…curious to see how clients like the new people search…”

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Learn the Art of the Hustle (or Don’t Be a Lazy Complaining Bitch)

I recently read Ruben Harris’ great post about how he broke into tech and startups.  Honestly, a part of me cringes at the amount of effort he put in because it seems stupid hard, but a much larger part of me admires his motivation to get shit done.  This was pure 100% hustle and effort and sticking to a goal.

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The Blurb

We trying to share interesting articles in our newsletter in addition to our own data-driven content in a section we call the blurb. It’s one of several experiments we’re going to try to increase our reach.  We call the section with these articles The Blurb. Here is The Blurb from today’s CB Insights newsletter. It’s fun to “force” myself to read interesting new content regularly. Yup – I have a great job 🙂
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This is a title I’ve never really been comfortable with. To me, a CEO was Jack Welch of GE or Ken Chenault of my alma mater American Express. They ran huge organizations, had big offices and were as the initials imply – executive officers. They did executive’y things.

And so I always found it funny when someone who was just 1 person or one person plus a buddy who introduced themselves as CEO of their startup. They were in the truest sense I suppose, but it just seemed like false advertising or perhaps grade inflation to me. But I’m skeptical by nature or just maybe a dick or a bit of both.

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Growth vs Fixed Mindset

If you ever want a parent to open an article, title it “How to make your kids ________” or “The Secret to Raising _____ Kids”. The blank might be filled in by expected words like smart, nice, ambitious, etc.

And so as it goes. I read one such article entitled The Secret to Raising Smart Kids.

It talks about the growth vs fixed mindset. Fixed mindset folks think ability and achievement are a function of intelligence. Growth mindset think it’s a function of effort.

The results when studied on children show fixed mindset kids get frustrated, try less when hit with challenges and generally view obstacles as an indictment of their intelligence. Growth mindset kids understand that effort can solve problems.

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Don’t read this. I don’t give a fuck.

Just go read this. That’s all.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Seriously, go read it.

If you don’t, I don’t really give a fuck.

Solving Opacity in the Private Markets

Private markets are often described as opaque. They are.  The participants don’t necessarily want it this way, but because there is no central clearinghouse for information or data or insights, information ends up siloed – often in the heads of individuals in the market. With 4000+ clients ranging from investors to acquirers to bankers to lawyers to recruiters to biz dev people using CB Insights, we now have a community of folks who are incredibly knowledgeable about private companies, emerging trends and more.

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Saying no to money

Today, I told 4 clients that we couldn’t meet their price or contract terms. I hate saying no to money. I really really do.

But as I’ve understood the value we provide and how much we help our clients, I’ve had to become more comfortable saying no.

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The God Metric

Evan Williams of Twitter is not someone I’d read much about before. But he’s been writing a lot more recently, and he’s well worth a read. His recent essay entitled “A Mile Wide, An Inch Deep” is well worth a read.

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