Marrying Product & Content

product content marriageIf you know the CB Insights research blog at all, you know that we advertise the fact that we have the best data in the business by putting out lots of killer data-driven content.

It’s our not-so-secret weapon.

Yesterday, we published a teardown of Sequoia Capital which features our team’s data and content skills, but what’s even more killer about this long form post is that every visualization and graphic in it comes right from our product’s Investor Analytics module.

0% Excel.

This is huge because it

  1. makes us more efficient in generating killer content
  2. also highlights and reinforces how ridiculous our product is

Of course, the underlying data has to be rock solid which is the first thing we started with and focused on. More on that point in a future post.  And a lot more on our content & product marriage.

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