Solving Opacity in the Private Markets

Private markets are often described as opaque. They are.  The participants don’t necessarily want it this way, but because there is no central clearinghouse for information or data or insights, information ends up siloed – often in the heads of individuals in the market. With 4000+ clients ranging from investors to acquirers to bankers to lawyers to recruiters to biz dev people using CB Insights, we now have a community of folks who are incredibly knowledgeable about private companies, emerging trends and more.

We think this community could be the spark needed to reduce this opacity.

Instant Bloomberg is the application folks use in highly liquid asset markets to communicate with one another.  The equivalent of Instant Bloomberg is needed for the private markets. We have a hypothesis on how we can do this and have been trialing it with some of our most active customers.

Lots more to come.

instant bloomberg private markets



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