Yup – this blog still sucks

Today, I approved and responded to 3 comments on blog posts I’d written. These were left by 3 smart folks – Bobby Mulley, John Gannon and Juhi Heda.  I was pretty siked that there is now proof that 3 people have read my blog. Earlier this week, a candidate who came in for a job said he liked my blog too. He could have been blowing smoke up my ass but he did his homework so props for that.

The comments were good to see as I’d stopped checking comments after the spam comments about LV handbags became overwhelming.

So I wondered if I’ve broken out and now hit the blog big time.

The answer is clearly no as the stats below illustrate.

anand sanwal blog stats


It’s pretty much how you’d define flatline.

That said, these 3 comments and a few others I’ve received over time are great motivators. I’m mostly vomiting up stuff on this blog that is pretty ill-formed and half-baked so having any folks willing to engage with it is a great compliment.  Moreover, I think the blog has given me a lot of fodder and inspiration for things we do on the CB Insights research blog and our newsletter and these are the 2 things I really want to see go up and to the right in 2015.

Thanks again to the 6 of you reading this blog post.

3 Thoughts on “Yup – this blog still sucks

  1. If you’re still seeing the spam comments roll in, try following my blog post on how to stop WordPress Spam. Since I followed these steps I haven’t seen 1 spam comment.


  2. Candidate on January 19, 2015 at 10:48 am said:

    Still reading. Confirming I wasn’t just blowing smoke.

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