Train show at Bronx Botanical Garden

Yesterday, we went to the annual train show at the Bronx Botanical Garden. I’d never been before to the Bronx Botanical Garden or the annual train show which features trains (surprise) as well as some replicas of famous NYC buildings. What makes the replicas so amazing is that they’re created using tree parts (branches, bark, twigs, acorns, etc).  So imagine a massive model of Penn Station cobbled together from those materials.

Pretty cool stuff.

Some pics below. Worth checking out if you have a free morning.  You need to book in advance.  I’d def recommend going early to avoid the crowds.  We had a 945am reservation and it was a good thing we went early as it gets crazy later on which means lines and it’ll be much harder to get good pictures.

bronx botanical train show





IMG_2242 IMG_2247

bronx botanical garden train show IMG_2242



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