Trust the Process

Hiring is hard. Our plans call for us need about an additional 20-25 folks this year. That means around 2 hires per month and this assumes zero voluntary or involuntary attrition (which is unrealistic to be honest).

And so when you feel like you should be hiring 2 people per month, when those hires don’t happen as quickly as you’d like, a pressure builds. The team wants to move quicker as do I and so this feels like our speed is being crimped.

And this self imposed pressure is when things get dangerous. The goal of 2 folks per month is self imposed by taking overall headcount goals and dividing by 12. There is no reason we need 2 hires per month.

Even the idea of a headcount goal is somewhat stupid. We have biz goals and need a certain amt of headcount to achieve those goals. Biz objectives determine hiring – not the other way around.

But this pressure is dangerous because this pressure makes it easy to overlook culture fit or less than stellar references because “we really need someone in this role”. And whenever we say stuff like that, corners get cut and based on past experience, bad hires get made.

I feel this pressure acutely. It is at these times that I have to remind myself of the pain that comes from hiring under pressure and rashly. And to remember 3 key words

Trust the process

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