Uber business trip

Wrapping up a trip to Newport Beach and used Uber to get around exclusively. No car rental.

I’m convinced that car ownership will be impacted over the long-term assuming Uber is not subsidizing fares.

I stayed in Irvine with a friend and took uber to Newport Beach every day. An 18 mile ride cost $15-16. That less than a dollar per mile.

My ride from Newport Beach to LAX was $54 for 48 miles. A bit over $1 per mile.

A car is prob $0.45-.50/mile to operate so this is more but I was able to do calls, send emails and generally be productive. There is value in that.

Of course, I’m not sure how much the Uber driver makes so that also may present a sustainability challenge.

But assuming the economics work for Uber and drivers, this will be interesting.

Unrelated –

My driver, Lynne, from Newport to LAX was awesome. She is retired and does uber to pass the time and meet interesting folks. Enjoyed my convo with her.

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