Having a Voice

I was in Newport Beach for the Corporate Venturing Conference earlier this week. About 20-25 of our clients were there so it was great to see them and break bread with them. And a lot of folks who should be our customers were there.

I met many people who didn’t know CB Insights (yes – that’s a problem) and many who knew us as well. And universally, the folks who knew us said they love our newsletter. The phrase that kept coming up was our Voice. We weren’t a boring B2B brand trying to sell some isht. We had a perspective and sometimes, it was was snarky, funny or even wrong, but it wasn’t boring.

It wasn’t always like this.

Which is a shame. We should have always made a newsletter that people want to read. And it’s not that hard. Nobody wants to read a boring newsletter full of data and self-promotion. They want to be entertained, informed, challenged.

It was great to see that our team’s work had so many fans. It also made conversations much easier with folks as they knew us. It humanized our newsletter subscribers for me and highlighted the importance of continuing to refine our voice and ensure the newsletter is fun, conversational and useful.

Best investment we’ve ever made was building out the newsletter.

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